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With the mission of promoting the training of professionals qualified for teaching and research, capable of describing and understanding the evolution and organization of botanical diversity and, as a result, develop concepts and devices that allow the conservation and sustainable use of the biological diversity in the territories of Northeast Brazil, the Postgraduate Program in Plant Biodiversity (PPGBVeg) emerged in 2010 at the State University of Bahia (Universidade do Estado da Bahia – UNEB, in portuguese), through a consortium signed between three of its Departments (Department of Exact and Earth Sciences – DCET II, Education Department – DEDC VII and Education Department – DEDC VIII), located in three of its campuses (Alagoinhas, Senhor do Bonfim and Paulo Afonso). According to the fundamentals that guide the Document of the Biodiversity Area, the actions of the PPGBVeg make up a tradition of research in Biodiversity, which contribute to describing and understanding the biological diversity of Brazil, especially in the Northeast, configuring a framework of possibilities for identifying endemic species.

The PPGBVeg has an adequate didactic-pedagogical and administrative infrastructure for its functioning in each of its Departments, including a room for the Secretariat and Program Coordination, theoretical classrooms and didactic laboratories, an auditorium for defenses and conferences, permanence and study rooms for students, offices for teachers. Annually, applications for new students admissions into the Program are performed, both regular and exceptional students. The Course works in the three consortium departments, and the subjects can be offered remotely or in person, every six months, according to the availability and capacity of the professors. Professors and students can move between the three departments to teach or attend a specific class, respectively, according to the infrastructure necessary to develop practical activities.

The PPGBVeg, through its teaching, research, and extension actions, covers more than 35 municipalities in different regions of Bahia State, with diverse vegetation physiognomies and has in its research studies related to the various biomes of the semiarid area, including essential plant species ecological and economical. Among the diversity of researched topics, it is possible to highlight, in addition to research on the taxonomy and phylogeny of native species in the region, micropropagation of native fruit trees, plants used by bees, study with neotropical galls and bioprospecting of native plants, to achieve their primary objective: to train and improve personnel to work in scientific research, teaching and in the development of activities inherent to the area of Biological Sciences, especially Botany, producing systematic knowledge about the flora and plant resources of the Northeast Region, contributing to the preservation of its ecosystems.



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